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Executive Functions: Helping Kids Get Organized for Remote Learning - Shared screen with speaker view
Nicole Furlonge
My child’s teacher has the students checking in with family members to say hello and to ask questions like “How can I be helpful here?” To reflect how the students usually check in with each other when they go to school face to face. It builds community and connection where they are.
Lisa Isenman
Free 7 min workout for all levels and different focuses: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/7-minute-workout-fitness-app/id806995720
Marie Reed
I’m curious about how other schools are structurally supporting regular check-ins with students/parents and teachers in a sustainable way. Any ideas to share?
Nicole Furlonge
Providing student feedback is essential to learning. Even more essential is what students do with feedback. Keeping feedback precise and packages in small bites is perhaps more important now as they learn remotely. Keep in mind that students can only reflect on so much feedback at once. Giving small bits of feedback allows students time and space to digest feedback and act on it in the next assignment.
Jessica May
The slides, recording of the webinar, and other resources will be posted to http://klingensteincenter.org/KlingShare by Friday.
Lorraine Sills
Our school has created a team to reach out weekly to every family in the school to ask if they need any academic supplies, tech support, and emotional support. The team is comprised primarily of Learning Specialists, Administrative Assistants and other Support Staff who aren't responsible for teaching a class full-time.
Nicole Furlonge
Slides will be made available! :)
Amélie Dufaut
Thank you!
Jessica May
If you have a question, please add it to the Q&A panel. Thanks!
Mark Comanducci
The schools I’m supporting has utilized activities like movie nights (via Zoom), student concerts (via Zoom), family yoga (via Zoom) to engage with/connect with families, in addition to newsletters, emails, calls, etc
Mark Comanducci
The prioritization of content also varies based on when SY 19-20 would have ended. For example, in OH, based on spring break, state testing, and end of year field trips many schools only “lost” ~10 days of what would have been new material, so the virtual teaching is all focused on re-teaching.
Mark Comanducci
I am helping a few schools/school leaders/districts tweak and improve their remote/virtual/distance learning plans as they work to navigate and better serve students, families, and teachers while transition to virtual (and ideally keep it going through August/September). If you/your school wants another set of eyes on your plan, a thought partner, or someone to poke holes in your strategy, drop me an email: mark@305edgroup.com
Marie Reed
Great presentation! Thank you!
Michelle Murphy
thank you for everything!!