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Storytelling for Sustainability - Shared screen with speaker view
Andrea Kennedy
Please put any questions you have regarding storytelling for Harriet, Taylor, Jeff and Tim in the Q&A box- e will ask them throughout! TY
BrightFlame (she/her) Lenape land ---
Oren and all, I just joined. Would you put the google doc link in the chat again? Thank you!
Oren Pizmony-Levy
Oren Pizmony-Levy
katarine Rodrigues de Oliveira
Hello. my name is katarine Oliveira, I am brazialian and biology teacher and master in science environmental here in Brazil. I would like to know which story of your life was decisive to fight for the sustainable environment?
Seyfi Kenan
Storytelling becomes really influential when it is told face to face where there is a warm human touch. During the pandemic world, we are deprived of this opportunity, and we can feel deeply this disconnection when we try to tell certain stories to capture the attention of young generation when we teach certain theoretical issues, which seems for them superficial. How do we overcome this situation? How can we share our stories in a way as influential as face to face telling environment? Thanks.
Kubra PECE
Thank you for the wonderful answers.
BrightFlame (she/her) Lenape land ---
Loving this panel, thank you all! Yes to right-brain storying! And as Jeff said, having people place themselves in the future. Related:In the workshop I offered for our Center for Sustainable Futures international series, I led a visualization about the future we wish to create. I love this method to prompt storytelling and action. You can watch the workshop: Storying a Regenerative Future. https://www.tc.columbia.edu/sustainability/resources/international-workshop-on-environment-sustainability--education/In the presentation following the visualization, I offered the cognitive science of story and why story shifts beliefs and creates change. The powerpoint is at the same link.Also, I read and write speculative fiction that aims to change the world. There's a lot of climate- and eco-fiction coming out these days. My short climate fiction, "Saved Places," appears in Issue 06 of Wards: https://www.wardslitmag.com/issues
BrightFlame (she/her) Lenape land ---
Yes! Ishmael! Should be required reading!
Candyce Johnson
This was absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!
Oren Pizmony-Levy